Hey! You made it!


You may have been riding for many years, or you may have just found your wheels, Stringer and I are not the kind that care too much about your street credentials. 

If you're a new rider you might have just discovered something you didn't expect. Sure, you thought it would be exciting, free, wind in your hair, wide open road, etc. But then you found there is something more - something significant written between the lines. 


Or it might be you've been riding for many years and appreciate already there is something deeper that pulls you back into the saddle time after time, something much more real than all of that cliché. And maybe that awareness is enough for you. Or maybe you've paused a moment to reflect upon it. Or maybe, like myself, you've had mind to really examine it because, perhaps, there's a road there to something greater still.

It's possible a large part of this 'something more' has its routes in what modern psychology identifies as a flow state, or what ancient Buddhism identifies as living in the moment (or Mindfulness) and a loss of self awareness.  Don't worry, Stringer has no time for this "naval gazing" either. Still, probably you never expected you'd find the road to Nirvana on your new scooter huh?  


And probably you wont. Sorry. But come along for the ride anyway, because, as they say, getting there is half the fun. I invite you to join Stringer and I as we explore, debate, and refine our understanding of the bikers brain with a goal to realise the full potential of riding to reward us in life.


Or, as Stringer says, "keep your mind on the road". 

Dr Kyril Mondragon.